AD RAK CTHOROS - king of Cthol Murgos at the time of the battle of Vo Mimbre, killed by the Ulgos in the battle.
ADDER STING - deadly weapon used exclusively by the Dagashi.
AGACHAK - Murgo Grolim, hierarch of Rak Urga. He had the ambition to rival Zandramas and Urvon and go to The Place Which Is No More. He tried to coerce the Murgo king Urgit into coming with him and become Overking of all of Angarak. After failing in talking Urgit into the venture he persuaded the Thull king Nathel to come with him. He was killed by Zandramas not long after he landed in Mallorea.
AGGA [BS 582]
ALARA - wife of Darral, mother of Geran (2).
ALDUR - the God who never chose a nation to become his people and worshippers, instead he dwelt alone and called several men from all the nations to become his Disciples. When they had learned the secrets of The Will and the Word he would change their names by adding the prefix "Bel-" to the original form. Belgarath was his first disciple, then, after several hundreds of years the others arrived: Belzedar, Belkira and Beltira, Beldin, Belmakor and Belsambar. After the Event of Cthol Mishrak Aldur accepted Durnik as his new Disciple. Colour: blue.
ALGAR FLEET-FOOT - middle son of Cherek Bear-shoulders, brother to Dras Bull-neck and Riva Iron-grip, first king of Algaria after the division of Aloria.
AMBAR OF KOTU - see Kheldar.
ALGARIA - one of the Alorn kingdoms whose first king after the division of Aloria became Algar Fleet-foot. It's people were nomads who never built cities but travelled with their herds from pasture to pasture. They bred the best horses in the world and were the world's most skilled riders. They used sabres and bows instead of swords in battles. The only place in all Algaria resembling a city was the Stronghold, which was also the capital of the kingdom. Algar kings were chosen from the clan-chiefs. The Algars were particularly hostile to the Murgos who used to raid Algaria to steal horses.
ANDORIG, Sir - Mimbrate Arend who kept guard at the walls of Vo Mimbre and believed only in what his "own eye hath confirmed"" (B2: 10) and did not believe Belgarath was who he pronounced himself to be until the sorcerer made an apple tree grow for him from the city wall. He was then sworn to protect that tree for the rest of his life.
ANHELDA - daughter of Faldor who did not share her father's piety but far more coveted gold and together with her husband Eilbrig tried to force Faldor to make trade with a Murgo who came to the farm on Erastide.
ANNATH [BS 606].
ANRAK [BS 24, p. 294]
ARELL - niece to the Rivan Warder Brand (3), lady in waiting to the queen Ce'Nedra, murdered by a member of the Bear-Cult sent by Harakan to kill the pregnant queen. Her shape was adopted by Zandramas in the woods of Likandia in order to lure Ce'Nedra into revealing the true name of The Place Which Is No More.
ASHARAK - see Chamdar.
ASHABINE ORACLES - see Prophecy.
ATHSAT - Nyissan poison which worked only when somebody who took it got excited, otherwise absolutely safe; rare and very expensive. B2: 17.
AUNT POL - see Polgara.

BARAK, EARL OF TRELLHEIM - b. 5336; Cherek aristocrat, cousin of king Anheg, husband to Merel, father of Unrak and three daughters. Hereditary Guardian of the heir to the Rivan Throne, he changed into huge bear whenever Belgarion was in danger. It happened to him for the first time during a boar hunt near Val Alorn when Garion's life was threatened by a charging boar. He did not understand the meaning of this change at first and considered it a curse, encouraged in this belief by his unloving at that time wife. He accompanied Belgarath and Garion in the pursuit of Zedar and the Orb of Aldur. By the decision of Cyradis he was not included in the company that chased Zandramas; he gathered the others who were not supposed to come and followed his friends by sea to meet them eventually after the Choice had been made. They all returned to the West on his warship Seabird, the largest vessel in the world. Identified by the Prophecy as "Dreadful Bear".
BARL - Sendarian smith who taught Durnik. B1: 1.
BELAR - Bear-God of the Alorns, the youngest of all the Gods. He liked war, ale and the company of young Alorn girls. After the Cracking of the World he left the world together with his other brothers. He sent Riva Irongrip the two falling stars from which the Sword of the Rivan King and its pommel were hammered.
BELDARAN - fair-haired daughter of Belgarath and Poledra, twin sister of Polgara, wife to Riva Iron-grip, mother of the line of the Rivan Kings. She died of pneumonia not many years after she had moved to the Isle of Winds to marry Riva and given birth to their son.
BELGARATH - born as Garath in the village of Gara, first Disciple of the God Aldur, husband to Poledra, father of twin sisters Beldaran and Polgara, grandfather (through many generations) of Belgarion. Called by some the Eternal Man, the Ancient One, Ancient Belgarath, Holy Belgarath. Polgara often addressed him as Old Wolf and young Garion called him Mister Wolf. The mightiest sorcerer in the West. We know little of his childhood and early youth as it has been lost to his own memory in the passage of eons. He led Cherek Bear-shoulders and his sons to Cthol Mishrak to reclaim the Orb of Aldur from the God Torak. Often appears in the form of great wolf.
BELGARION - son of Geran (2) and Ildera, grandson (through many generations) of Belgarath, husband to Ce'Nedra, father of Geran (3) and unknown number of daughters. Long expected heir to the Rivan Throne who was doomed by the Prophecy to become mighty sorcerer and The Godslayer. Born as Garion in a small quarry village in western Algaria, he was raised on Faldor's farm in central Sendaria by his aunt (through many generations), Polgara, after his parents were assasinated by Chamdar. He was the first of the Rivan Line to touch the Orb of Aldur and hold the sword of Riva Iron-grip since the assassination of the Rivan King. He accompanied Belgarath and Polgara in their pursuit of Zedar and the Orb, together with Barak, Kheldar, Ce'Nedra, Mandorallen and Relg. He gave his first displays of enormous power first when he healed a crazy monk in northern Tolnedra, then when he burned Chamdar in the Wood of the Dryads, but his greatest achievement in his early career was calling a stillborn colt (Horse) back to life in the Cave of the Gods. After having recovered the Orb from Ctuchik in Rak Cthol he was taken to the Isle of Winds to be crowned King of Riva and betrothed to Ce'Nedra. Not long after that he sneaked away with Belgarath and Prince Kheldar and travelled to Cthol Mishrak to meet in a final duel his eternal foe, the God Torak. After that Event he returned to Riva and married Ce'Nedra. Eleven years later their first and only son Geran was born and soon abducted by Zandramas. Belgarion led a crusade against the Bear-Cult in Cherek and Drasnia and then followed, together with Belgarath, Polgara, Kheldar, Ce'Nedra, Toth, and others who joined the company later, the trace of Zandramas first to the southern kingdoms and then to the lands of the Murgos and Malloreans until finally they met at The Place Which Is No More where the ultimate Choice was made. He then returned to Riva with his wife and son.
BELKIRA and BELTIRA - twin sorcerers, Disciples of the God Aldur, originally Alorn shepherds. Their minds were so closely linked that they thought simultaneously and one of them often finished the sentence begun by the other. They worked on the concordances of the Mrin codex.
BELMAKOR - one of the Disciples of the God Aldur, of Melcene origin. Talented architect and engineer, he designed his own as well as Beldin's tower in the Vale of Aldur. He exploded together with his tower.
BELSAMBAR - one of the Disciples of the God Aldur, of Angarak origin. He lost faith in Gods when he had witnessed his parents being sacrificed to Torak. He was called by Aldur and came to the Vale where he sat at the door of the God's tower until Aldur himself came down to him. He made up the idea of raining fire on the Angaraks to defeat Torak in the War of Gods. He willed himself out of existence as he could not live with the sense of guilt for what he had done.
BELZEDAR - see Zedar.
BERENTAIN - Asturian Arend, nephew of count Reldegen. He supported the view of united Arendia and sympathised with the idea of coexistence with the Mimbrates. B2: 3.
BERIG - Arendish gold-hunter on the border of Maragor. B3: 4.
BETRHA - Tolnedran courtesan of great beauty, "the most brilliant and fascinating woman in Tol Honeth" (B2: 17), close friend of Ran Borune XXIII and Varana, as well as of Kheldar. She filled Kheldar with information about the activities of the Murgos in Tol Honeth. She was Hunter during the succession plotting when Ran Borune XXIII grew old. Asassinated, her death was avenged by Kheldar.
BOKTOR - capital city of Drasnia. It was destroyed during the Angarak invasion and then rebuilt so that it was much more beautiful than most Alorn cities.
BOOK OF AGES - see Holy Books.
BOOK OF THE ALORN - see Holy Books.
BOOK OF TORAK - see Holy Books.
BRELDO - young farm-hands on Faldor's farm who got married when Belgarion was young and was replaced by Brill. B1: 4-5.
BRILL - see Kordoch.

CAMAAR - port town in southwestern Sendaria.
CE'NEDRA - daughter of the Tolnedran Emperor Ran Borune XXIII and Ce'Vanne, wife to king Belgarion of Riva, mother of Geran (3) and unknown number of daughters. Her hereditary titles included: The Imperial Princess of Tolnedra, Jewel of the Tolnedran Empire. She joined the company that pursued Zedar and the Orb of Aldur in southern Tolnedra, after having escaped her father's palace with her tutor, Master Jeebers, who fled and abandoned her when he learned that she had not gotten the Emperor's consent to leave the palace. She probably fell in love with Garion from the first sight but would not allow herself to admit that, considering him as peasant boy. She disliked in particular the need for her to go and present herself in the Hall of the Rivan King on her sixteenth birthday, the need that was imposed on her by the Accords of Vo Mimbre. She was left in the caves of Ulgo while the rest of the company traveled to Rak Cthol to recover the Orb from Ctuchik, because she would have been doomed should she come to Rak Cthol. She rejoined the company when they came back to Prolgu and eventually agreed to be taken to Riva. She learnt there that it was Garion who would become the Rivan King, she accepted her fate but after the betrothal ceremony she managed to draw far more concessions from the Alorns than they were ready to make, so that in the end she secured for herself the position of co-ruler instead of queen-consort of Riva. When Belgarion went to Cthol Mishrak she gathered a great army in all the western kingdoms and led it to the battlefield of Thull Mardu to confront the Angarak armies. Together with Polgara and Durnik she was arrested by the Mallorean Emperor Zakath and sent to Cthol Mishrak where she witnessed the duel between Belgarion and the God Torak. When they returned to Riva she married Belgarion and after eleven years gave birth to their son. When Geran was abducted by Zandramas she forced Belgarion to teke her with him on his campaign in Aloria and then she became member of the pursuit company. Her mind was several times influenced by Zandramas who in this way tried to thwart the advancement of her foes. Identified by the Prophecy as the "Queen of the World".
CERRAN - officer commanding the Tolnedran General Staff at the time of the battle of Vo Mimbre.
CE'VANNE - cousin and wife of Ran Borune XXIII, mother of Ce'Nedra, she died when her daughter was small; her image was called by Belgarion to the bed of the dying Ran Borune.
CHABAT - Murgo Grolim priestess in the Temple of Rak Urga, favourite of Agachak, renowned for her eagerness to perform the rite of sacrifice and for her bloodthirst. She used her power to try to raise demons, together with her lover Sorchak. She hated Sadi and his companions from the very first moment and sought to destroy them. She insisted on condemning Eriond and all Sadi's group for the desecration of the Sanctum. Because she failed and Sorchak got killed and Sadi's company taken to the Drojim palace, she decided to act when they met again in the port. She raised a demon but was unable to control him and eventually Polgara, with Aldur's help, had to send her, together with the demon, to Hell.
CHALDAN - Bull-God of the Arends. After the Cracking of the World he left the world together with his other brothers.
CHAMDAR - Murgo Grolim, apprentice and sycophant of Ctuchik, sent to the western kingdoms to spy on Belgarath and to kill the heir to the Rivan Throne. He often used the name of Asharak the Murgo (from Rak Goska) on his ventures in the West. He succeeded in luring one of the heirs, to the practices of the Bear-Cult but his attempts were thwarted by Belgarath. He set fire to the house where Geran (2) and Ildera lived and thus murdered both of them but failed to escape with the baby Belgarion. He watched Garion and met him several times while the boy was growing (he introduced himself as Asharak in Darine) and tried to subdue the boy's mind to follow his instructions, which was thwarted by Polgara. He followed Belgarion through Sendaria up to Cherek (he was the first Angarak to set foot in Cherek) and then down to Arendia, where his shadow visited Belgarath's company at Elgon's Tor and was sent back by an "indirect route", and Tolnedra, where he posed as trade messenger from Taur Urgas. He died when Belgarion set fire to him in the Wood of the Dryads in an act of vengeance and one of the first displays of his power. He sometimes took the form of a raven.
CHEREK BEAR-SHOULDERS - the last king of united Aloria, father of Dras Bull-neck, Algar Fleet-foot and Riva Iron-grip. Together with his sons he accompanied Belgarath on his journey to Cthol Mishrak to reclaim the Orb of Aldur from the God Torak. After the division of Aloria he became first king of Cherek.
CHO-HAG - king of Algaria, husband to Silar, adoptive father of Hettar. In spite of his lame legs he was a great rider and warrior. He killed the Murgo king Taur Urgas in a duel during the battle of Thull Mardu.
CHO-RAM - king of Algaria at the time of the battle of Vo Mimbre.
CHRETIENNE - the great grey horse presented by Zakath to Belgarion on their departure from Rak Hagga to Rak Cthan.
CRALTO - one of the older hands on Faldor's farm who used to tell stories from the past, especially about the battle of Vo Mimbre.
CTHRAG SARDIUS - see Sardion.
CTHRAG YASKA - see The Orb of Aldur.
CTHREK GORU - great sword of the God Torak.
CTUCHIK - one of the Disciples of the God Torak, the High Priest of the Grolims. He ruled Cthol Murgos from his city of Rak Cthol. He schemed to make the Rivan line extinct and sent his pupil Chamdar to the West to spy on Polgara and the heirs of the Rivan throne. Being on bad terms with Urvon he impeded the movements of the Mallorean army in Cthol Murgos before the battle of Vo Mimbre. He wrenched Eriond with the stolen Orb from Zedar and kept it with him until Belgarath came to reclaim it. In his last desperate effort to keep the Orb out of Belgarath's reach he willed it to be unmade and in the same instant willed himself out of existence.
CYRADIS - the blind Seeress of Kell, the one whose task was to make the ultimate Choice between the two Necessities in the Place Which Is No More. After her guide Toth was killed by Zandramas she chose the Prophecy of Light and was thereafter free from her duties of the Seeress, regaining the earthly sight as well. She married Zakath and became Empress of Mallorea.

DARINE CODEX - see Prophecy.
DARRAL - husband of Alara, father of Geran (2); stone-cutter in the village of Annath in western Sendaria, on the Algarian border. Killed in 5349 by a rockslide in the quarry where he worked.
DELBAN - the armourer at Riva who hammered Ce'Nedra's armour for her campaign in Mishrak ac Thull.
DELVOR - Drasnian merchant and spy, Kheldar's acquaintance, met by Belgarath and his company at the Great Arendish Fair. They stayed in his tent there overnight and he filled them in about the Murgo activities.
DERIGEN, Sir - Mimbrate Arend, one of the barons who, inspired by Murgo underling of Nachak, started squirmishes with their neighbours, in this case with sir Oltorain. They both were challenged and defeated by Mandorallen. B2: 7.
DETTON - Arendish serf whose conversation with Lammer was overheard by Belgarion in the ruins of Vo Wacune. B2: 1.
DOLMAR - the factor of Kheldar and Yarblek in Mal Zeth. He supplied Kheldar and Belgarion with the information on the current situation in Karanda.
DONIA - the youngest daughter of the innkeeper at "The Lion" in Camaar who was sent to serve Polgara as her maid during the company's stay in Camaar on their pursuit after Zedar. B1: 10.
DORAK URGAS - the oldest son of Taur Urgas, killed by Kheldar on his escape from Rak Goska. B3: 22, M2: 14-15.
DOROON - childhood friend of Belgarion at Faldor's farm. He was killed in the battle of Thull Mardu.
DRAS BULL-NECK - eldest son of Cherek Bear-shoulders, brother of Algar Fleet-foot and Riva Iron-grip, first king of Drasnia after the division of Aloria.
DRASNIA - one of the four Alorn kingdoms whose first king after the division of Aloria became Dras Bull-neck. Capital: Boktor. It was the first goal of the Angarak invasion and was totally destroyed. It's people were interested mostly in trade and spying; the latter used to be called the "most important Drasnian industry"; actually Drasnia possessed the best intelligence service in the world. It was the only Alorn kingdom that maintained any semi-official (trade) links with the Angarak kingdoms, in particular with Gar Og Nadrak and Mallorea.
DRAVOR - Tolnedran count whose soldiers arrested Belgarath and his party on their way to Tol Honeth. He was kept drugged by a Nyissan agent Y'diss. B2: 14.
DROBLEK - chief official of the Drasnian Port Authority in Sthiss Tor.
DUCHESS OF ERAT - see Polgara.

EILBRIG - husband of Anhelda, minor functionary in a commercial house in Sendar. B1: 4.
ELDRIG - king of Cherek at the time of the battle of Vo Mimbre.
ELGON (1) - Asturian hero of the Arendish civil war, he managed to hold Elgon's Tor for a month against the Mimbrate army. B2: 6.
ELGON (2) - Tolnedran nobleman whose soldiers murdered Lembor. B2: 13.
ELGON'S TOR - hillock covered with boulders in Arendia, precisely in the Asturian forest near the border with Mimbre. It was an Asturian stronghold in the Arendish civil war and was held against the Mimbrate army for one month. Belgarath and his company withheld the attack of Algroths here. B2: 6.
ERIOND - known for several years as Errand (which was the only word he used for a long time), he succeeded Torak as the New God of Angarak, elevated to divinity by the Choice at The Place Which Is No More. He was supposed to become God of all the peoples in the course of the years. He did not take part in the Creation task with the rest of his brothers and appeared in the world not long before the Event of Cthol Mishrak. It was Zedar who found him - an innocent boy - in an alley in one of the big cities of the West or the East. The boy, who bore at that time no name, spent his early years with Zedar and was the one who actually stole the Orb of Aldur from the pommel of the Sword of the Rivan King. He was found by Belgarath and his companions in Rak Cthol, where he was placed when Ctuchik took away the Orb from Zedar. He knew only one word when he was rescued and that word was "errand", which was used as his name in the years that followed. After Cthol Mishrak he lived with Polgara and Durnik in the Cottage on the outskirts of the Vale of Aldur. He came with Belgarion and Belgarath on their pursuit of Zandramas and when they came to Prolgu his true name was revealed by UL. In The Place Which Is No More the Seeress of Kell chose him to become the New God of the Prophecy of Light instead of Belgarion's son Geran (3), who was instrument of the Dark Prophecy.
ERRAND - zob. Eriond.
ETCHQUAW - Morind magician, burnt by Zedar when he refused to help him to kill Belgarath.
ETERNAL MAN - see Belgarath.

FALDOR - Sendarian farmer, owner of the farm near Lake Erat where Polgara lived with young Belgarion and ran kitchen for everybody before they started their pursuit of Zedar and the Orb of Aldur. Also Durnik was employed as blacksmith on Faldor's farm.
FELDEGAST - see Beldin.
FENS, The - see Aldur Fens.
FUNDOR - the first king of Sendaria, elevated to royal position in general election which took six years 3827-3833 ( B1: 11). He started as simple farmer; later known as Fundor the Magnificent.

GANDAHAR - kindgom in southeastern Mallorea, covered with jungles where elephants were herded.
GARION - see Belgarion.
GERAN (1) - the youngest son of Gorek and the only survivor of the Rivan line after the Nyissans asassinated the king and his family. He escaped the murderers by jumping into the sea and was rescued by Polgara.
GERAN (2) - b. 5329; son of Darral and Alara, heir of the Rivan Throne, husband to Ildera, father of Belgarion; murdered together with his wife by Chamdar.
GERAN (3) - long-awaited and only son of Belgarion and Ce'Nedra, heir of the Rivan Throne. Early in his infancy he was abducted by Zandramas to become the part of the Dark Prophecy and the New God of Angarak in case the Dark Prophecy won. When Cyradis made her Choice in favour of the Prophecy of Light he was safely returned to his parents.
GETHELL - king of Mishrak ac Thull at the time of battle of Thull Mardu. He got flogged on the orders of Zakath because he failed to defend the city.
GODSLAYER - see Belgarion.
GOREK - king of Riva, murdered by Nyissan asassins in together with all his family but the youngest son Geran (2) [BS 386].
GRASHOR - Nadrak merchant, associate of Asharak, who lured Jarvik into treason. B1: 18.
GRINNEG - Cherek ambassador in Tol Honeth, cousin of Barak, who helped Belgarath and his party to get into the imperial palace. B2: 15-16.
GRODEG - high priest of Belar who resided in Val Alorn, connected with the Bear-Cult. During Ce'Nedra's campaign in Mishrak ac Thull he tried to bully queen Islena and was eventually sent together with his followers to the battlefield.

HALDOR - supporter of the Honethites in the race for Tolnedran succession; his quarrel with Radan was overheard by Belgarion and the others in the central market in Tol Honeth. He murdered his opponent with a Nyissan poison athsat.
HALDORIN, Sir - Mimbrate Arend, distant cousin of Mandorallen. He insulted Barak when the company met the fighting parties of Sir Derigen and Sir Oltorain. B2: 7.
HARAKAN - Mallorean Grolim, underling of Urvon, sent to the West to put Aloria in trouble. He posed as member and leader of the Bear-cult under the name of Ulfgar, tried to asassinate Ce'Nedra and raise enmity among the Alorn kings. When his true identity was discovered by Beldin at Rheon he fled only to reappear in Rak Urga in the disguise of the Dagashi Kabach. Recognised again, this time by Kheldar he fled again and came back to Mallorea where he posed as ex-Grolim Mengha and raised demons for Urvon. He finally got killed at Ashaba by Liselle with the substantial help from Zith.
HELBERGIN, Sir - Mimbrate Arend who kept guard together with Sir Andorig and confirmed Mandorallen's identity.
HEMIL - capital city of Darshiva on the Mallorean continent. Home city to Zandramas.
HETTAR - b. 5337; adopted son of king Cho'Hag and queen Silar of Algaria and heir apparent to the Algarian throne, husband of Adara; one of the Sha-Darim. His parents were killed in a skirmish with the Murgos and he himself was left in the battlefield to die; hence his irreconcilable hatred towards the Murgos, because of which he was not taken into Cthol Murgos during Belgarath's pursuit of Zedar and the Orb of Aldur but sent to Algaria to raise the clans instead. He took part in Ce'Nedra's campaign in Mishrak ac Thull and later accompanied Barak on his journey to Mallorea when they were not allowed by the Necessity to come with Belgarion. Identified by the Prophecy as the "Horse Lord".
HOUNDS OF TORAK - see Chandim.

ILDERA - daughter of an Algar clan-chief Grettan and Olane, wife to Geran (2), mother of Belgarion. Murdered together with her husband by Chamdar.
ILLESSA - the only one of the Salmissras, identical queens of Nyissa, known by her birth name, which she revealed to Belgarath. She was allured to the assasination of the Rivan King Gorek and his family Zedar, who promised her eternal life as bride of the God Torak.
ISLE OF WINDS - see Riva.
ISSA - Snake-God of the Nyissans. He made his beloved high priestess Salmissra the queen of Nyissa and then his spirit dropped off into slumber for eons only to be summoned on Polgara's urge when she came to Salmissra to recover Belgarion.
ISSUS - one-eyed and very efficient Nyissan asassin, hired by Sadi to get him out of the palace and put in contact with Belgarath.

JAHARB - the Elder of the Dagashi who met Sadi and the whole company of Belgarion in Kahsha and sent them to Rak Urga to perform a task for king Urgit.
JARVIK - Cherek earl, traitor of king Anheg, banished to his estate on the west coast of Cherek after discovering his contacts with the Murgos. He broke the king's orders and plotted to kill or abduct Belgarion during his stay in Val Alorn, prompted by Chamdar, whom he smuggled to Cherek. Eventually he was caught and beheaded.
JARVIKSHOLM - residence of the earls of Jarvik in northwestern Cherek, in later years stronghold of the Bear-Cult, taken by Belgarion early in his campaign against the Cult.
JAVELIN - see Khendon.
JEEBERS - Fellow of the Imperial Society of Tolnedra, tutor of Ce'Nedra. He accompanied her on her escape from her father's palace but fled and abandoned her when he learned that se had not received the Emperor's permission to go to Tol Borune. Later he became lecturer at the university of Tol Honeth.

KABACH - see Harakan.
KADIAK - sea-captain who transported Belgarion and his company from Melcene to the coast of Peldane.
KADOR - Tolnedran Grand Duke of the Vorduvian family who wanted to succeed Ran Borune XXIII on the throne and plotted with Chamdar to dispose of Ce'Nedra. His betrayal was discovered in the Wood of the Dryads.
KAIL - the oldest son of Brand (3) who assumed the duties of the Rivan Warder after the asassination of his father.
KAL TORAK - see Torak.
KALVOR - Tolnedran merchant met by Belgarath's company on the South Caravan Route in Cthol Murgos. He briefed the company on the current situation in Cthol Murgos.
KAL ZAKATH - see Zakath.
KASVOR - Melcene; Kheldar's factor in Jarot.
KHELDAR - b. 5335; prince of the royal house of Drasnia, cousin of the king Rhodar (2), halfbrother of Urgit, king of the Murgos, eventually husband of the Margravine Liselle. By his friends called by his intelligence nickname Silk; to many people in the western kingdoms known as rich merchant Ambar of Kotu or far poorer tradesman Radek of Boktor. We do not have evidence of other names used by him in the spying business as well as in trade. Before falling in love with Liselle (or probably becoming victim of her marriage plans) infatuated with his royal cousin's wife Porenn. The most efficient - and by far most extravagant - spy in the history of the Drasnian inteligence. There is a high reward on his head in Gar og Nadrak and probably in some other places. He killed the oldest son of Taur Urgas on his escape from Rak Goska which caused the king's hatred towards him. Captured by the Dagashi Kordoch in Cthol Murgos he was delivered to Taur Urgas but was rescued from his prison by Relg. In the years following the Event at Cthol Mishrak he took a Nadrak merchant Yarblek into partnership in trade, developed worldwide business, and became the wealthiest man in the two continents. He hates caves and is afraid of snakes. Identified by the Prophecy as the "Guide" and in the Mrin Codex as the "Rat" ( B2: 7).
KHENDON - Drasnian margrave, bone-thin chief of the Drasnian intelligence, uncle to Liselle. Nicknamed Javelin.
KHERAN - Drasnian margrave and spy, met by Belgarath and his company in the gold-hunters' village on the border of Maragor. B3: 4.
KHEVA - son of king Rhodar (2) and queen Porenn of Drasnia, he ascended the Drasnian throne after his father's death and made his mother Regent for his boyhood. Close friend of Unrak.
KING OF HELL - see Demons.
KORDOCH - a Dagashi, sent to the West by Ctuchik to kill Belgarion and thwart Belgarath's attempts to recover the stolen Orb of Aldur. He was employed on Faldor's farm under the false name of Brill and managed to deceive both Belgarath and Kheldar by playing a village fool and ruffian. He followed Belgarath and his companions all through Sendaria and reappeared in the mountains of Tolnedra and at the border of Maragor, where his true identity was eventually discovered by Kheldar. He captured Kheldar in Cthol Murgos and handed him over to Taur Urgas. In the end he got killed by Kheldar when the two met again in Rak Cthol.
KORODULLIN (1) - crown prince of the Mimbrate Arends at the time of the battle of Vo Mimbre. By decision of the council held after the battle he married Mayaserana (1) and became king of united Arendia. His name was used by all Arendish kings from then on.
KOTU - port town in western Drasnia in the estuary of the river Mrin.
KRADAK - Murgo general who used to bully king Urgit until Belgarion taught the king how to bully his generals.
KRAGGER - chief of the guards of Elgon (2). B2: 13.
KRENDIG - the man who built Barak's ship Seabird in Val Alorn. B1: 14.

LAMMER - Arendish serf whose conversation with Detton was overheard by Belgarion in the ruins of Vo Wacune. B2: 1.
LELLDORIN OF WILDANTOR - husband to Ariana. Asturian Arend, friend of Belgarion, the two met in the ruins of Vo Wacune at an early stage of the pursuit of Zedar and the Orb of Aldur. He took part in Nachak's plot to murder king Korodullin (2) but was persuaded by Belgarion to quit the scheme. Wounded by the Algroths in the woods of Asturia, he was left to recover in the castle of baron Oltorain, where he was tended by the baron's younger sister Ariana, who was to become his love and wife. He did not therefore take part in the further events until Ce'Nedra's campaign. In order to marry Ariana he had to flee with her from her family's castle and only Belgarion's intercession stopped bloodshed between Asturia and Mimbre. Their love was a symbol of reunited Arendia. Identified by the Prophecy as the "Archer".
LEMBOR - Tolnedran nobleman, murdered by the soldiers of Elgon (2) in an alley in a town south of the forest of Vordue. B2: 13.
LISELLE - a Drasnian margravine and spy, niece to Khendon, wife to Kheldar. She joined Belgarion's company in Tol Honeth, pretending that she was sent by her uncle to keep an eye on Kheldar's actions. In fact she was Hunter at the time and her task was to repay Harakan for the trouble he caused in Aloria by putting the Bear-Cult into open war with the Alorn kings. She accomplished her task with the help of Zith in Ashaba. She was the first to guess the true identity of king Urgit's father. Identified by the Prophecy as the "Huntress".

MAIDEE - little girl in Val Alorn who lent the boy Belgarion her sled in exchange for a kiss. B1: 14.
MAL YASKA - city in northern Mallorea where Urvon dwelt, the see of the Mallorean Church.
MANDORALLEN - b. 5337, husband to Nerina, champion of Ce'Nedra, Mimbrate Arend, baron of Vo Mandor. He spent most of his youth in the castle of Baron of Vo Ebor, where he met his love and prospective wife. The mightiest knight in whole Arendia and "the most feared man in Arendia" ( B2: 7). He accompanied Belgarath and his friends on their pursuit of Zedar and the Orb of Aldur since the battle with Algroths at Elgon's Tor and took part in the battle of Thull Mardu. He was among those who were not supposed to come with Belgarion on the pursuit of Zandramas and joined Barak to follow their friends to Mallorea. The story of his love to Nerina was among the favourite romances. It was Belgarion, however, who forced the two to finally get married, even though it all happened in a way very distant from the Arendish tradition. Identified by the Prophecy as the "Knight Protector".
MARA - god of the Marags. After his children had been exterminated his Spirit kept weeping and wailing in the wilderness and among the ruins of Maragor. He was the only god who refused to bring Durnik back to life in Cthol Mishrak but agreed when UL promised him to restore the race of his children.
MAR TERIN - monastery in southeastern Tolnedra just across the border with Maragor. The monks living there tried to comfort the spirits of the Marags but some of them went mad; one of them was cured by Belgarion in his first, unconscious display of power.
MARTJE - old blind woman in Val Alorn who could look into future until Polgara cured her eyes. She was the first to recognise Belgarion and she foretold Barak's changes into bear calling it his doom.
MAYASERANA (1) - daughter of the duke of the Asturian Arends at the time of the battle of Vo Mimbre. By decision of the council held after the battle she married Korodullin (1) and became queen of united Arendia. Her name was used by all Arendish queens from then on.
MENGHA - see Harakan.
MEREL - flaxen-haired wife of Barak, mother of Unrak. Her relations with her husband were quite cold before the birth of their son. She proved good and cold-blooded politician and advisor to queen Islena when the latter was left to rule Cherek during Anheg's absence.
MERGON - Tolnedran ambassador who represented the Emperor at the Accords of Vo Mimbre. B2: P.
MINGAN - Tolnedran merchant in Darine. In his shop Kheldar and young Belgarion met the Murgo Asharak. B1: 7.
MISTER WOLF - see Belgarath.
MONSTERS - non-human and non-animal intelligent creatures which were not accepted by the Gods at the creation and were sent to UL. They all supported the Gorim in his plea with UL and were accepted by the Father of Gods together with the Ulgos. Most of them lived in the mountains of Prolgu. When Torak cracked the world most monsters - with the exception of the most humanlike Dryads - went mad. See also: Algroths, Hrulgin, Grul, Dragons, Eldrakyn.
MORDJA - demon Lord summoned by Zandramas.
MORGAT - Murgo Grolim, Hierarch of Rak Cthan who, acting on the instructions of Agachak, tried to impede Belgarion's progress through southern Cthol Murgos towards the Isle of Verkat. M2: 22.
MORIN, Lord - chamberlain of Ran Borune XXIII.
MRIN CODEX - see Prophecy.
MUROS - town in southern Sendaria, renowned for its annual horse fair.

NACHAK - Murgo ambassador in Arendia, he plotted to murder the Arend king Korodullin (2) by the hands of Asturian Arends, whom he had told that the king was planning to break up Asturian estates and give them to Mimbrates ( B2: 4). He also schemed to make war between Arendia and Tolnedra. Eventually he got killed by Hettar.
NARADAS - Mallorean Grolim, archpriest in the Temple of Hemil, later follower and underling of Zandramas, acted on her behalf in the kingdoms of the West. He was easily recognizable because of his strange colourless eyes.
NATHEL - young king of Mishrak ac Thull, son of king Gethell. He was taken to Mallorea by Agachak and rescued by Barak when Zandramas killed Agachak.
NILDEN - Sendarian count, Chief Butler to king Fulrach's household. He met Colonel Brendig and Belgarath's company at the royal palace in Sendar. B1: 11.

OBOR - mad monk from Mar Terin cured by Belgarion in the first, unconscious manifestation of his power.
OLBAN - the youngest son of Brand (3) who made an attempt on Belgarion's life just after his ascension on the Rivan throne. He acted so because he had perceived the coming of the Rivan King as degradation of his father. When Belgarion forgave him, he became the most faithful servant and personal guard of Ce'Nedra. He was killed in the battle of Thull Mardu.
OLDORIN - king of Perivor; he organised the tournament which was won by Belgarion and Zakath and the reward in which was the opportunity to fight the dragon.
OLD WOLF - see Belgarath.
OLTORAIN - a Mimbrate nobleman, elder brother of Ariana. One of the barons who, inspired by Murgo underling of Nachak, started squirmishes with their neighbours, in this case with sir Derigen. They both were challenged and defeated by Mandorallen. Te company stayed in his house overnight after the duel and wounded Lelldorin was left there to recover in Ariana's care.
ONTROSE - a Wacite Arendish nobleman, first love of Polgara. BS 31.
ORMIK - king of Sendaria at the time of the battle of Vo Mimbre.
OSKATAT - Lord High Seneschal of Cthol Murgos, the most faithful official of Urgit. He knew about the king's real parentage but kept it secret. He was left in Rak Urga to rule the kingdom while Urgit travelled with Belgarion to Gorut. He eventually was married to the Queen Mother, Lady Tamazin, with whom he was in love since their youth.
OTRATH, Archduke

PLACE WHICH IS NO MORE, The - see Korim.
POLEDRA - wife of Belgarath, mother of the twins Beldaran and Polgara, grandmother (through many generations) of Belgarion. First met by Belgarath in the form of wolf, she accompanied him on one of his errands to the North and came back to the Vale of Aldur with him. When one day she discovered the secret of shape changing, she first turned into snowy owl and then disappeared for a while. Not long after Belgarath discovered the Cottage built on the outskirts of the Vale, inhabited by a tawny-haired woman with golden eyes, who soon became his wife and powerful sorceress. She died - or so he was told - soon after giving birth to their twin daughters while Belgarath was away with Cherek Bear-shoulders and his sons in Cthol Mishrak. Since that time Poledra often appeared in the world of the living in the spiritual shape of blue wolf, usually in order to help Polgara or other members of her family. Just before the battle of Vo Mimbre she was put in the position of the Child of Light in order to prepare the shield with the Orb of Aldur for Brand (2). She appeared at her husband's side in his last duel with Grul, visited Garion on his journey to Cthol Mishrak, was present (in the shape of the owl) at Polgara's wedding with Durnik, saved Belgarion's son Geran (3) from suffocation when Ce'Nedra was possessed by the will of Zandramas and saved Ce'Nedra from fatal confrontation with Zandramas in the Karandese Mountains. She joined the company in the forests of Darshiva and travelled with them for a long time in the shape of wounded she-wolf (accompanied by an orphaned puppy), unrecognised by Belgarath and the others. Her true identity was guessed first by Belgarion and then revealed in The Place Which Is No More, where she finally confronted Zandramas. After that final Event she rejoined her family and came back to live in the Cottage. Identified by the Prophecy as the "Woman Who Watches".
POLGARA - black-haired daughter of Belgarath and Poledra, twin sister of Beldaran, wife to Durnik and aunt (through many generations) of Belgarion. The mightiest sorceress in the West and probably the whole world. In her early youth she was angry with her father for leaving their mother and going out with Cherek Bear-shoulders and so she refused to learn the art of sorcery and spent most of her time in the branches of the great tree in the Vale of Aldur; she changed her style of life on the eve of her sister's marriage to Riva Iron-grip. She used to live for a long time in the lands of Wacite Arends, especially in the city of Vo Wacune, where she fell in love with a Wacite Arend Ontrose. After the assasination of the Rivan King she became guardian of the heirs of the Rivan Throne and moved from place to place in order to protect them. Together with Belgarath she took part in the battle of Vo Mimbre and was then proclaimed dreamed bride of the God Torak - a nightmare that haunted her hereafter.
POPPI - female fenling closest to Vordai, one of the first pair to be taught speech by Belgarath.
PRALA - Murgo princess of the House of Cthan, wife of Urgit. Descendant of the king Ad Rak Cthoros who fought and was killed in the Battle of Vo Mimbre, she offered her prospective husband the sword of her great-grandfather and accompanied him when he hastened to defend the cities of Gorut and Cthaka from the Mallorean forces.

RABBAS - chief of the guards of Lembor.
RABLEK - Nadrak gold-hunter, companion and partner of Belgarath, ancestor of Yarblek.
RADAN - supporter of Grand Duke Kador in the race for Tolnedran succession; his conversation with Haldor was overheard by Belgarion and the others in the central market in Tol Honeth. He was poisoned by his opponents in the street.
RADEK OF BOKTOR - see Kheldar.
RAK CTHAKA - port city in eastern Cthol Murgos. It was from here that Belgarion and his friends departed for Mallorea in the company of Zakath.
RAK CTHOL - city built for Ctuchik and his Grolims on the top of a natural pinnacle in the middle of the Wasteland of Murgos. It was the see of the Grolim Church on the western continent. The official way of access was along a spiralling road but there were also caves leading to the top of the mountain. It was in the slave pens in these caverns that Taiba was found. The city was destroyed after Belgarath recovered the Orb of Aldur from Ctuchik.
RAK GOSKA - port city in northeastern Cthol Murgos, capital city of the Goska Military District residence of the Murgo kings until the battle of Thull Mardu, when it was captured by the Mallorean army. It was also the main port for trade with Mallorea, reached by the Southern Caravan Route.
RAK HAGGA - city in southeastern Cthol Murgos where Belgarion and his friends were taken when arrested on the orders of Zakath during their pursuit of Zandramas.
RAK URGA - port city in southwestern Cthol Murgos, capital of the Urga Military District and residence of the House of Urga, therefore home city of the Urga dynasty (see Drojim palace). The Murgo capital was moved there after the battle of Thull Mardu, when Rak Goska fell to the Malloreans. It was here that king Urgit met Belgarion and his company.
RAN BORUNE IV - Tolnedran emperor of the Second Borune Dynasty at the time of the battle of Vo Mimbre.
RAN BORUNE V - Tolnedran emperor of the Second Borune Dynasty who started the construction of Great North Road. B1: 11.
RAN BORUNE XXIII - Tolnedran emperor, husband to Ce'Vanne, father to Ce'Nedra. He did not want to believe that Belgarath and Polgara were in fact who and what they claimed to be until Polgara made his canary speak and confirm their identities. When his daughter stole his legions to take them to the battle of Thull Mardu, he pretended to be furious but surveyed her movements on a map and sent his best general Varana to keep an eye on what was going on. Later he adopted Varana as son which enabled succession of the imperial throne.
RAN BORUNE XXIV - see Varana.
RAN HORB II - Tolnedran emperor who decided to found the kingdom of Sendaria in the lands that earlier had belonged to the Wacite and Asturian Arends who were expelled from there after the great Arendish civil war. B1: 11.
RELDEGEN - Arendish count, uncle of Lelldorin, old friend of Belgarath who, together with all the company, stayed in his house during their pursuit of Zedar and the Orb of Aldur. Father of Torasin and uncle of Berentain. B2: 3.
RELDO - Tolnedran gold-hunter on the border of Maragor. B3: 4.
RELDON, Baron - fictitious Tolnedran merchant, father of equally fictional Sharell; both names served as disguise in Ce'Nedra's escape from the imperial palace in Tol Honeth.
RENNIG - son of Brand (2). He gave Belgarath the shield with the Orb of Aldur that was supposed to be used by Brand in the battle of Vo Mimbre.
RHEON - town in northeastern Drasnia, built as a stronghold against Angarak invasions, it became the seat of the revolted Bear-Cult.
Battle of R. - battle that the Alorn kings held with the forces of Bear-Cult led by Harakan. Just after the battle Cyradis appeared before Belgarath and his friends and sent them after Zandramas, revealing the most important facts about this quest.
RHODAR (1) - king of Drasnia at the time of the battle of Vo Mimbre.
RIVA IRON-GRIP - the youngest son of Cherek Bear-shoulders, first holder of the Orb of Aldur, first king of Riva after the division of Aloria and founder of the Rivan Line, brother to Algar Fleet-foot and Dras Bull-neck. He was the only one who dared touch the Orb when it was reclaimed from the God Torak by Belgarath in Cthol Mishrak, and was accepted by the Jewel. His heirs thereafter were born with the sign of the Orb on their right palm.
ROLLA - Mallorean spy in Brador's secret police, encountered by Belgarion and Kheldar in Melcene.
RUNDORIG - childhood friend of Belgarion at Faldor's farm, of Arendish origin, oldest of the children on the farm. He represented Torak when Garion got the idea to re-enact the duel between Brand (2) and Torak. Garion adopted his name when he first met Asharak in the town of Upper Gralt at the age of nine. He married Zubrette.

SADI - chief eunuch in the palace of Salmissra at the time of Belgarion. He fell out of favour because of some palace intrigues and was forced to escape from Sthiss Tor. He offered his help to Belgarion and his companions in pursuit of Zandramas and the Prophecy persuaded Belgarath to accept his offer. His past in the slave-trade made him useful as guide during the journey through Cthol Murgos, where he used the adopted name of Ussa of Sthiss Tor. Also his knowledge of drugs and antidotes proved of utmost importance. He carried with him his pet: the little viper Zith, who played a relevant role in the course of events. The chaos that prevailed in the palace during his absence annoyed Salmissra to the point that she forgave him all his offences when he reappeared in Nyissa after the ultimate Choice. Identified by the Prophecy as the "Man Who Is No Man".
SARISS - Nyissan eunuch who succeeded Sadi in the position of Chief Eunuch in Salmissra's palace. Described by Sadi as "a third-rate schemer with no real sense of style at all" ( M2: 7).
SELINE, Earl of
SHARELL - name adopted by Ce'Nedra while escaping her father's palace.
SILAR - queen of Algaria, wife of Cho-Hag, adoptive mother of Hettar.
SILK - see Kheldar.
SLAVE RACE - see Dals.

TAIBA - the only identified survivor of the exterminated nation of the Marags found by Belgarath in the caves of Rak Cthol in the course of his pursuit of the stolen Orb of Aldur. At first unbearable insult to religious feelings of Relg, then his wife, mother of the new Gorim of the Ulgos and of the new generation of Marags, promised by Belgarath to the God Mara after the Event at Cthol Mishrak. Identified by the Prophecy as the "Mother of the Dead Race".
TAJAK - the Dagashi who arrested Belgarion and his company in the mountains of western Cthol Murgos and took them to Kahsha for negotiations with Jaharb.
TAMAZIN - one of the wives (of the House of Hagga) of Taur Urgas, mother of Urgit. She betrayed her husband with a Drasnian aristocrat and gave birth to her son who was considered to be in legal line for the throne of Cthol Murgos. When Urgit eventually ascended the throne she became one of his closest advisors. Her son married her to her friend and guardian of her secret who had ever been faithful to her and had loved her since she was a girl, the seneschal Oskatat.
TARLEK - Nadrak gold-hunter on the border of Maragor. B3: 4.
TAUR URGAS - mad king of Cthol Murgos, deadly enemy of the Mallorean Emperor Zakath, husband of Tamazin, considered father of Urgit, the last actual king of the Urga Dynasty. Known for chewing carpets and furniture in his fits of fury and for some other exotic habits. He was killed in the battle of Thull Mardu by Cho'Hag.
TEKK - Nadrak traper, husband of Vella. He bought her and then married her.
TOL HONETH - capital city of the Toledran Empire, situated on an island in the middle of the river Nedrane. Considered the most splendid city in the West, it was also seat of the only university on the western continent.
TOR - see Torasin.
TORASIN - Asturian Arend, son of count Reldegen, called Tor by his cousins. Inspired by Nachak and corrupted by his gold he - together with Lelldorin and others - plotted to kill king Korodullin (2) and free Asturia from Mimbrate dominion.
TORVIK - chief huntsman of king Anheg; he organised the boar hunt near Val Alorn in which Belgarion was wounded and Barak turned into bear for the first time.
TOTH - mute, gentle, giant guide of Cyradis who accompanied Belgarion in his pursuit of Zandramas. He and Durnik became close friends as both of them were fond of fishing. They seemed to communicate in a language of gestures but afterwards it appeared that Toth was sending his thoughts straight to Durnik's mind. Rejected by his friend for a while when he was considered to have betrayed the company on the Isle of Verkat, he was accepted again when what he had done proved to be part of the scheme of the Necessity. He was killed by Zandramas in The Place Which Is No More and therefore became the sacrifice and his death prompted Cyradis to make the Choice in favour of the Prophecy of Light. Identified by the Prophecy as the "Silent Man".
TUPIK - one of the fenlings closest to Vordai. He was the first of them to learn how to speak. He also informed Belgarion of the death of Vordai on their second meeting.
TURIM REEF - see Korim.

ULFGAR - see Harakan.
UNRAK - son of Barak and Merel. He accompanied his father on his journey to Mallorea when he was not allowed to accompany Belgarion.
UPPER GRALT - small town in central Sendaria, the first one Belgarion ever travelled to with Belgarath.
URGIT - king of Cthol Murgos, son of Tamazin and a Drasnian aristocrat (considered son of Taur Urgas), half-brother of Kheldar, husband of Prala. A weak and short child, he had earned despise and hatred of his considered father and managed to ascend the throne only by asassinating all his older and stronger brothers. He was certain that one day he would succumb to the hereditary madness of the Urga Dynasty, as he did not know who his actual father was until everything was revealed by a Drasnian spy Liselle who noticed his physical and mental resemblance to Kheldar. The country he inherited was plagued by the invading forces of Zakath who planned a total extermination of the blood of Taur Urgas (and all the Murgos) and conquest of Cthol Murgos, therefore even before meeting Belgarath and his company he had planned to plead for aid from the kingdoms of the west, especially from Belgarion. He was a weak king, however, and only with Belgarion's help managed to take command of his army and move the campaign against the Malloreans to the south. The visit of the sorcerers and the Alorns changed him cosiderarably so eventually he was able to outsmart Khendon, the Drasnian chief of intelligence, in their negotations concerning western help.

VARANA - general in the Tolnedran army, cousin to Ran Borune XXIII, one of the closest friends of Ce'Nedra, called by her uncle. He was sent by the emperor to the battle of Thull Mardu and in fact became Ce'Nedra's army's tactician. After Ran Borune's death he was crowned emperor of Tolnedra and adopted the name of Ran Borune XXIV.
VARD - Dal wizard from the Isle of Verkat who received Belgarion and his company in the Dal village there and showed Belgarath the Book of Ages. He bade Zith to wait with giving birth to her children until her task was completed ( M5: 7).
VASRANA, Countess - young Arendish lady who hunted Belgarion at the court of king Korodullin (2) trying to force him into betrothal.
VELVET - see Liselle.
VETTER [M4: 6]
VO EBOR, Baron of - Mimbrate Arend, first husband to Nerina. He instructed young Mandorallen in martial arts.
VORDAI - witch who lived in the Aldur Fens after she had been cast out of her village. By the peasants called the hag of the swamps and drowner of travellers. She forced Belgarath to give the power of speech to the fenlings, whom she treated as her children and who in return called her mother.


XANTHA - queen of the Dryads.
XBEL - tawny-haired Dryad who was particularly interested in all men in Belgarath's company.
XERA - Dryad princess, cousin and close friend of Ce'Nedra, she was summoned by Polgara to Riva to help Ce'Nedra's wedding tree grow up and give fruit in order to enable the Rivan Queen to get with child.
XORIA - Dryad princess who married a man and became mother of the First Borune Dynasty. B2: 21.

YARBLEK - Nadrak merchant, in later years trade partner of Kheldar. He invited Belgarath and his company to his tent in the resupply station on the South Caravan Route in Cthol Murgos, and helped them to escape the camp when Taur Urgas arrived; freed Belgarion and Kheldar from chains when they were incorporated to the Mallorean army in Gar Og Nadrak on their way to Cthol Mishrak and helped to negotiate the Nadrak turncoat at Thull Mardu. He also carried letters from Belgarion and his friends to queen Porenn when they travelled through Mallorea in pursuit of Zandramas. Owner of Vella.
YAR NADRAK - capital city of Gar Og Nadrak.
Y'DISS - Nyissan agent who drugged the Tolnedran count Dravor and used his soldiers to arrest Belgarath and his company in order to deliver them to Salmissra (3). B2: 14.

ZEDAR - known in the West as The Apostate; probably of Tolnedran origin; once disciple of the God Aldur (with the name Belzedar), then, after being tempted by the stolen Orb of Aldur and its power, he changed sides and became the third disciple of the God Torak. He induced Salmissra to the assasination of the Rivan King and his family; later he stole the Orb from the Hall of the Rivan King with the help of an innocent boy later known at first as Errand. He was the chief tactician for the Angarak side during the battle of Vo Mimbre; he carried the slumbering body of Torak from the battlefield and has guarded it for the centuries to come. He was present at Cthol Mishrak when Belgarion and the rest of his company came there. He killed Durnik and was put by Belgarath into hard rock in the centre of earth for eternity.
ZEREEL - "wizard" at the court of Ran Borune XXIII who tried to dismiss the notion that Belgarath and Polgara were in fact what they claimed to be.
ZITH - she-snake of one of the rarest species; small, bright green with a vibrant red stripe on her back and gleaming yellow eyes. Favourite pet of Sadi, who carried her in an earthenware bottle in his red case together with a battery of drugs. Liselle used to feed her with fish eggs, which Sadi called "subverting his snake" ( M2: 17), and to carry her in her corset. Zith became close friend of Zakath's she-cat and nurse of her kittens. She showed her abilities and sting first in the Temple of Torak in Rak Urga, where she bit Sorchak. She performed her most important task when Liselle threw her in the face of Harakan in Ashaba. After that she was free to give birth to her numerous progeny. Sadi could communicate with her and understood her language.
ZUBRETTE - golden-haired girl on Faldor's farm, childhood friend and first love of Belgarion, a great liar. She married Rundorig. She met Belgarion once more when Polgara took him on his farewell visit to the farm on his first journey to Riva.