1. How many Disciples of various Gods were there and what were their names?

2. What size (approximately) was the Orb of Aldur?

3. Where and when did Cyradis make her first appearance?

4. Did Torak have a beard?

5. How do we know that?

6. What sex were Polgara's twins?

7. Where did Zakath's hatred for Taur Urgas come from?

8. Why did the Tolnedrans invade Maragor?

9. And what excuse did they give for that invasion?

10. What was the name of Polgara's Nadrak owner?

11. What was the first shape Poledra took when she discovered the secret of shape change?

12. What was the Sword of the Rivan King forged from?

13. Who was the first person to guess the truth about Urgit's father?

14. When did Polgara change her lifestyle?

15. What was the name of the village Belgarath was born in?

16. In what shape did Aldur appear to Belgarathow for the first time?

17. What book was prohibited in the Kingdoms of the West?

18. Who did, however, supposedly have it in his library?

19. In what cities were there the universities?

20. Who did have a cat for pet? a viper? a canary?

21. Where, apart from Dalasia, did the Dals live?

22. What city was the capital of Aloria before its division?

23. What was Silk's main commodity in Mallorea?

24. Who worked on the Mrin Codex concordancy?

25. What did the Murgo want to buy from Faldor on Erastide?

26. Who was the mother of Gods?

27. Why Zakath couldn't sleep well?

28. What is the phrase that Belgarath hates most (esp. from Silk)?

29. Where did Velvet keep Zith?

30. When did Barak turn into the dread bear for the first time?

31. What stories were told by the Storyteller on Faldor's Farm and are quoted in the book?

32. What does Sha-dar mean?

33. How many years had Belgarath lived with Aldur before he realized who his host was?